Back in 2016, we’ve started Shop of Exile and Overtank! Since then we have more than 130000 completed orders, having more than 21000 returning customers and constantly getting 5-star reviews on our Trustpilots (1)(2), so we decided to start a Tarkovist as well! Expanding our shop in hope of satisfied costumers and reputation growth. Tarkovist is aiming to offer a unique experience and an excellent service when you choose us.

Are you stuck in Escape from Tarkov leveling or you simply don’t have time to grind hours and hours for the best gear, level up your character, traders or hideout? Let us help you!

Our 24/7 support and experienced players, who actually playing the game mainly, can help in several ways, not just "take what you have ordered and byebye".

 Throughout map carries

Our booster will go with you on any map selected and get you all the loot found in the map, you dont need to do anything just follow the instructions and enjoy the ride!

 Leveling boost

Quickly level up your PMC character to be able to use the flea market or to start/finish a quest.

 EFT Currency Cash (Roubles)

You can buy EFT Roubles for dollar or euro. We don’t need your account information for this service, the ordered amount of currency will be delivered to you via flea market or direct trade. We also cover market fee!


In EFT it will take hours to get a great loadout for every raid, and maxout your hideout, you can skip this hours of grinding with our services and can catch up with pro players. To achive these things you have to play hundreds of hours and it can easily get on your nerves with low gear and equipment. Our Pro Player Booster Team can easily solve those missions! Also, we can provide and help you to find any item you require, if you are struggling to find those items.

We have been operating in the boosting market since 2016 with some bigger shop names under our belt such as Shop of Exile and Overtank, more than 1000 5-star reviews combined, you will be 100% safe and satisfied with our services!