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You can buy here Reserve raid run in Escape from Tarkov.

This is area is very popular along veteran players! There are one of the game hardest battle zones like underground bunker. In this map there are lot of RAIDERS with high-tier loot.

The map boss Gluhar and his GUARDs are challenging to takedown, our Top Boosters will help you to takedonw all of them as fast as possible and het all loot from this location.

Save your nerves and have a happy day!


-Full Reserve raid clear, full loot priority

-Focus the best loot zones where you can find the most expensive loot!

-Boost experience for your PMC skills and your character

-We can kill Gluhar for you, if the boss has spawned and is still alive;

-If you accidentally die in the Raid run we will make another run. Be sure, we will give you the best loot anyway!

-Loot worth approximatley: 500,000 Roubles, taking into account the cost of items at the Flea Market.


Escape from Tarkov Account any Region

Delivery Time

your order will start in the first 24 hours after the purchase, completion takes just 20-30 minutes.

How it Works

-Place your order

-Select how many runs you would like and you can select a special option like playing with the booster.

-We contact you in the live chat or email to clarify all details and set the run time;

-We pick the right booster based on your preferences

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