Frequently Asked Questions

How does it exactly work?
First step is to add your desired package to the cart. After adding your service to the cart, get to the checkout and confirm payment via PayPal. After making payment, we will start working on your order within 1-2 hours, and complete in the estimated delivery timeframe. Sometimes it can be longer than expected due to various factors, like downtimes, network outages and other reasons. Under the process we do not recommend logging in, because you will face issues with missing credits, experience and whatsoever, so just safely stay logged out, and wait for our confirmation as soon as it's completed.
Is it legal? Are you fake? Scam?
Our services are 100% legal worldwide, so Tarkovist services are not fake or scam at all. Chech our reviews!
Is my account safe?
It is perfectly safe. We only use high level accounts, well experienced players and we never use bots, macros or other hacks. 0% ban rate. All your items are safe; we are in the boosting business since 2016 and we won’t steal your account or your items.
How long does your delivery take?
All the services have different delivery time. Their estimated delivery time is written in each of their description. In most cases that item is completed within that time frame, minimal difference may apply.
I ordered a service; how will you boost?
All our services are done manually, we don't use bots or any 3rd party utilities during its process. When you place an order for this service fill the required information fields about your account. For the login we need your game login e-mail address, password. If you want to know the current status of your levelling please contact us via Livechat or e-mail.
Is there any way to ask for a break during the service?
If your service takes more than 2 days, then we can pause your order in case of request. If the service would only take a few hours in total, we better finish without any break or scheduled interruption. Please make sure you don't want to play, while your short-term service is ongoing.
How much money will the account be left with?
We will not spend any of your money. We will transfer all of the currency what is need form a high-level account.
Can I check how my account is going at any point?
If you want to inspect the current standing, please always contact us first, and we pause the order for that time. This is to prevent the issues if our player is currently playing on your account.
Will my password be changed?
No. We never change your password with any reason.
How long does it take to get my order?
This is an excellent question. It all depends on the quantity you order. We usually have a big stock of everything, since our team is big, and we can farm huge amount of items and currencies any time. For items we usually deliver within 2 hours, level services are vary by the level, currencies are delivered in 0-1 hours mostly.
Can I choose to take my order at another time?
Yes. You can contact our live chat any time in our working hours, or just simply leave a note, that you are available from 11:00 am up to 16:00 pm EST time tomorrow. This case, our player will only try to invite at that particular date/time.
If I purchased something, can I cancel it later?
If it's a currency order, and we didn't deliver the goods yet, and you contact us in time, yes, it's usually possible to cancel, and the order will be refunded within 24 hours.
Any other questions?
You can contact us via email, 24/7 live chat support.